Pjoys Wear Your PJs Day

Frequently Asked Questions

Wear your PJs on 10th October

What is Wear Your PJs?

Wear Your PJs is a campaign, offering an easy and accessible way for people of all ages to take part in World Mental Health Day. It is totally free. People simply wear their PJs for the day and have a conversation with someone about mental health, to help smash the stigma.

When is Wear Your PJs happening?

Wear Your PJs takes place on Thursday 10th October, World Mental Health Day.

Who is organising Wear Your PJs?

Wear Your PJs has been created by Pjoys, the purpose-led pyjama brand whose mission is to make mental health an everyday conversation.

Can I take part on my own or do I need to be in a group?

Anyone can take part, whether it’s just you wearing your PJs for the day, or getting together with a group from work, school, club or other organisation.

Is it for all ages?

Yes!  Whether you and your toddler wear your PJs to meet everyone at your local playgroup, a school holding a mufti-day, or an office hosting a mental health awareness coffee morning.  Any age can participate and show their support.

Do I have to share my own personal mental health story?

Whilst  sharing personal mental health experiences, can help others, please only disclose information you are comfortable sharing and be mindful of confidentiality.  Simply  supporting the cause, having a conversation about the broad topic of mental health and illness and wearing your PJs on World Mental Health Day is enough in itself and a gesture of your support.

Do I need to organise an event?

Whilst it’s a great opportunity to bring people together to talk about mental health, there is no need to feel obliged to organise an event. You can always join an existing event taking place on World Mental Health Day or simply take part individually, by wearing your PJs and going about your day. Even if you are simply walking the dog!

How much does it cost?

Wear Your PJs is a free activity. It is an awareness campaign run by Pjoys, as an opportunity to talk about mental health. Should you wish to make a contribution to our cause, we recommend you donating to one of the many fantastic mental health charities operating in the UK. Sign up on wearyourpjs.com for further tips.

Can I wear any PJs or do I need to buy some?

You can wear any PJs you like. They could be your Dad’s, they could be your favourite and most cosy PJs from the back of your drawer. Anything goes!

I don’t wear PJs, can I still take part?

Yes of course. Find your favourite onesie or a slip dress paired with a towelling robe. Be creative as you like!

Is their an information pack on how to get involved?
Sign up on the homepage of wearyourpjs.com We’ll send you a step by step guide of what to do, as well as a Wear Your PJs poster for you to display.

Where can I get a Wear Your PJs poster from?

Simply sign up on the homepage at wearyourpjs.com or you can email our team at hello@wearyourpjs.com and we will send you one.

Can I tell local press about Wear Your PJs?

Yes! Why not tell your local newspaper, radio station or TV? We want as many people as possible to talk about mental health and sharing your involvement helps us to spread the word and smash the stigma.

Do I have to raise money for charity?

Raising money for charity is optional. You can always make a small donation to a mental health charity or simply wear your pjs on 10thOctober and have a conversation with someone about mental health, to show your support.

I’m no longer available on 10th Oct, can I still be involved?

There are still ways to show your support on the 10th October. Why not take a picture in your PJs and post it on social media on the day tagging @wearyourpjs_ #wearyourpjs or you could make a donation to your favourite mental health charity instead.

I am a charity, how can I use Wear Your PJs to raise money?

Charities and other organisations can all take part in Wear Your PJs. It can be part of an existing event and you can simply wear your PJs, or you can create a new event as part of your support on World Mental Health Day.

What do I do after the event?

If you have signed up to wearyourpjs.com you’ll get an email outlining the highlights from the day and conversations started.  There’ll also be prizes up for grabs for the ‘most unusual place to wear PJs’ and ‘the best dressed in PJs’ awards for those participants who shared their photo of the day on Instagram tagging @wearyourpjs_ and #wearyourpjs

I am experiencing poor mental health...

We all have mental health and we are all vulnerable to experiencing poor mental health, mental ill health or mental illness. You should never feel awkward talking to someone about your mental health, especially if you are not feeling great. There's so much help available. If you are feeling low or anxious please talk to someone you trust. A family member, a friend, a work colleague or your GP are all a good and important first step. You can also talk to Samaritans on 116 123 or use the Shout text line 85258 - they are both confidential and non-judgemental places for you to have a safe conversation. You are not alone, please talk to someone, it really can help.